Adult Volunteer Program

Become a Sam Noble Museum Volunteer!

Volunteers are at the heart of the Sam Noble Museum community.
They inspire understanding, appreciation, and stewardship of the earth
and its people. Come be a part of our community!

The Adult Volunteer Program is open to all individuals ages 18 and over. 

For additional information, call (405) 325-1652 or email 

Interested in becoming a Sam Noble Museum Volunteer?

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General Volunteer Positions

The Sam Noble Museum community is full of natural science and cultural enthusiasts. There is something here for everyone from behind the scenes work with fossils and artifacts, to working with the public. There are Front of the House (working with the public) and Back of the House (collections and office) volunteer opportunities.

Front of the House 

Museum Shop
Special Event

Back of the House

Office Assistant
Collections Assistants