Adult Volunteer Program

Become a Sam Noble Museum Volunteer!

Volunteers are at the heart of the Sam Noble Museum community.
They inspire understanding, appreciation, and stewardship of the earth
and its people. Come be a part of our community!

The Adult Volunteer Program is open to all individuals ages 18 and over. 

For additional information, call (405) 325-1652 or email 

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Volunteer Positions

The Sam Noble Museum community is full of natural science and cultural enthusiasts. There is something here for everyone from behind the scenes work with fossils and artifacts, to working with the public. There are Front of the House (working with the public) and Back of the House (collections and office) volunteer opportunities.

Front of the House Volunteer Opportunities

  • Docents
  • Museum shop
  • Special Event

Docents are informal teachers. Docents interact with families, adults and school children. They inspire and inform museum visitors by interpreting galleries and artifacts for museum visitors. Standing and interacting with the public are requirements of this position.

Special Events volunteers do everything from walking in parades to staffing craft tables. No special training beyond the new volunteer training is needed. The museum hosts and participates in community events throughout the year. Holiday Happening, Science in Action Day, and Eggstravaganza are just a few of the many events the Sam Noble Museum participates in yearly.

Back of the House

  • Office Assistant
  • Collections Assistants

Office Assistants work a variety of departments in completing clerical or other office duties. Projects vary based on department needs. These positions typically do not need to interact with the public.

Most Collection Assistant positions do not require previous specialized experience. These positions are detail-oriented and attention to accuracy is required. These positions often do not need to interact with the public. Want to learn about natural history or how a museum operates? Volunteering in a collection is a great way expand your knowledge.

Availability of these positions will vary throughout the year based upon the availability of projects and collection resources. Most of these positions’ shifts must be scheduled during normal business hours, Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Possible Collection Placements

  • Archaeology
  • Herpetology
  • Invertebrate Paleontology
  • Mammalogy
  • Native American Languages
  • Ornithology
  • Paleobotany
  • Recent Invertebrates
  • Vertebrate Paleontology



Mascots Needed!

Ever want to be a dinosaur? Now is your chance. We need your help to bring Spike and Slash to life every first Monday of the month and special occasions. 

Email for more information.

Docent Training 

Docere from the latin means to teach. Docents are our teachers in the galleries at the Sam Noble Museum. Be a part of the Sam Noble Museum volunteer community! Do you like to learn or to teach others? Then Docent training might be for you. 

Next training will be Spring 2015.

(Pre-registration is required.) 

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