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Exhibits That Bring Science to Life!

Oklahoma’s Native American heritage, rich ecology, wildlife and ancient life forms are all beautifully showcased in the museum's galleries. Special temporary exhibits are also featured several times a year. Check the museum’s website for this year’s schedule!

Our Gallery Guides include engaging activities that encourage students to explore the details in each gallery. Guides are available for grades PreK-12 and activities take about 30 minutes to complete in each gallery.

HALL OF ANCIENT LIFE:  Immerse Yourself in the Past:  In The Hall of Ancient Life, your students can sit on replicas of 3-billion-year-old bacterial domes called stromatolites, wander the giant forests that became Oklahoma’s coal deposits, and then be awed by the dinosaurs and mammoth.

HALL OF NATURAL WONDERS:  Explore the Natural Wonders of Oklahoma:  Breathtaking dioramas in the Hall of Natural Wonders allow students to explore some of Oklahoma’s unique habitats. Walk through a limestone cave that is home to bats and salamanders, observe bison in their natural habitat and marvel at the beauty of Black Mesa.

HALL OF THE PEOPLE OF OKLAHOMA:  Investigate Native Cultures of Oklahoma:  The Hall of the People of Oklahoma demonstrates how people lived in the state from 30,000 years ago to present day. The gallery includes mammoth-hunting tools, exotic trade goods from the Spiro mounds and a dugout canoe students can sit in. Also, learn about the cultures of Oklahoma’s many Native American tribes.

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