Teen Volunteer Program

Applications for the Teen Volunteer Program accepted from February 1 to April 3, 2015.

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Our Teen Volunteer Program gives teens an opportunity to learn about the museum, Oklahoma’s natural and cultural history and receive valuable experience working with visitors in the museum’s galleries and Discovery Room.  

Who is a teen volunteer?

The Teen Volunteer Program is an eight-week volunteer experience for students who have successfully completed 6th grade and not yet entered their senior year of high school. Participants must be under 18. 

What do Teen Volunteers do?

The first week of June Teen Volunteers will attend museum orientation and training sessions. Throughout the program, teen volunteers will:

  • Help visitors explore and understand exhibits.
  • Facilitate hands-on Discovery Carts in the museum galleries.
  • Assist visitors in the Discovery Room.
  • Meet and learn from museum scientists.
  • Develop public speaking skills.
  • Acquire work experience.
  • Meet other local teens.
  • Participate in volunteer recognition.
  • Earn service rewards.
  • Earn community service credit.
  • Receive a discount at the museum store.
  • Field trip to a local cultural institution.

Is there a time commitment?

Participants are expected to volunteer two shifts per week, Monday through Friday, for the next seven weeks after training. They will be mentored by museum staff and experienced adult volunteers. 

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